how do you delete songs from the list

I have doubles anf triples of some songs on the djay list. How do I remove the extras. How doI delete a song from the list on Djay.


Do you have a Mac, iPad or iPhone?

Generally speaking, you need to delete them in iTunes or the Music app on your device. In iTunes, you can select “Show Duplicate Items” in the “View” menu.

In this case, please kindly upload screenshots showing the duplicate songs in djay and the same playlist/album in the Music app on your iPad.

Hi Maarten,

Sorry you feel that way. Which reply are you referring to exactly?

Do the songs still appear in the Music app? Also, are the songs greyed out in djay?

I recommend deleting and re-syncing all your songs via iTunes. Maybe that will help.

I have D jay on an iPad, the songs are repeated only in the DJay not in i tunes.
Thanks for your help

Warren, what a lousy reply…
I had the same problem and found out that once a song is in your music “app” it can generate doubles and triples in Djay app. Don’t ask me why.
What you can do is going to your music “app” library, get to a song, swipe from right to left (so not from left to right) then you can delete that song. Once that song is gone it is no longer in your Djay-app. (so all your que-points are also gone). After that you can synch again from itunes to your ipad.
It’s a lot of work, but hey, it’s apple right…

Hi, having the same problem i’ve deleted 100’s of songs from my Itunes library but they still show up in the Djay 2 library. Maarten suggested swiping the song from right to left to delete - in the Djay 2 app that doesn’t seem to do anything and you can’t swipe the song in the Itunes library because it’s already been deleted>
What to do?

it’s quite weird, I have changed the Djay 2 setting to “hide songs in the cloud” and that has removed a fair number of songs. I have re-synced my ipad with itunes (6 times) but there are still lots of songs i can’t get rid of in Djay 2 and in the ipad music app. All the songs have been deleted in itunes, but some show up in the music app and will still play whilst others are greyed out. In Djay 2 some of the songs that are not showing in the music app are still in the list and there is no way to tell they are not available until you load a song and you get an error message

Why would it be such an issue to allow a user to just delete a song from showing up in the library? Is it because the pgm rescans the library and would just add it again? Is it not possible to just tell the pgm that once the user deletes it to skip it when it rescans the library unless the user adds it back in manually? Also, how can i increase the size of the fields I view in the library while the pgm is open. A simple drag to increase size would seem logical. Is it there and I’m just not seeing it? Are there other skins for the player. Or you can have any color you want as long as it’s black.

Ok found the sliders to change the library field sizes but now it doesn’t appear the search function works correctly. What am I doing wrong? I put the artist name in and there are no results returned.