How do you do a straight video cut??

Hi all, vjay is a promising app, but how the h-e-double toothpicks do you do a STRAIGHT CUT between video sources? I’ve been screwing with it all day and the best I can do is a very quick cross dissolve, or a 50/50 instant split. I have to be missing something, right? I want to play a single audio source (no problem) and be able to do STRAIGHT CUTS to the beats. HAS to be a coming feature if it isn’t done yet, right?

Try this…

In Settings, edit the Auto Transition value, set it to zero.
On the crossfader style option (just under the crossfader), set it to Push (or whatever you want…but push seems to make sense here).

Then use the arrow buttons either side of the crossfader to quickly punch across to the deck you require.

…is that what you’re after?

Hi Doug,

You’re right, this is not supported yet. I submitted this as a feature request.