How do you get a USB wireless headset to work?

I have two different USB headsets that do not work with my djay pro app on my Macbook. I have had both headsets on, enabled in the microphone button, and set to the correct headset in the preferences menu.

When enabling the microphone by clicking the microphone button on the upper left corner, it will mute the music and I do not see the microphone levels move as I speak into it. This has happened with both USB wireless headsets. The only microphone that currently seems to work is the built-in one which is simply not a viable option.

I do not wish to have a response about contacting Algoriddim’s support as I have done that and they take 1.5-2 weeks to respond to each email. Poor customer service.

Hoping someone else has a resolution.

Thanks in advance.

Hey kalculate,

sorry to hear about your issue.
Did you recently send us a mail via If yes please tell us the mail subject so I can make sure the mail did not get lost.

Regarding your issue, can you send us a screenshot of the Mic settings with one of your two Mic’s being selected as Input Device?

Also is it possible that you are using an external controller besides your Mic’s?

The topic of my email is: USB Headset not working with Djay Pro

I will send another screenshot when I am home from work. The screenshots are attached in the email however.

I have nothing else attached to my computer aside from the USB headset. Everything would be factory.