How do you resize photos when they appear on the screen?

I’m using Djay Pro 2 on my iMac and I’ve created an album in the Photos apps and the Djay Library links to this sweet as. The problem is that when I add the album from the Library browser and they are stepping through as per the beat a lot of the photos are randomly cropped. There doesn’t seem a setting to sort this out. I’d also like to run the photos in a random way instead of it just doing the montage as per the album sorting.
Can anyone please help? I have a 30th Birthday on Sunday the 31st, as well as it being New Year’s Eve and I could do with some help on this please.
Thanks in advance.

Did you manage to find a way to do this? I have a 40th in a couple of weeks that I am trying to do the same thing.



Did you find out how to fix this issue? I’ve tried resizing the photos and that didn’t have any effect.