How does Djay apply colors to (New) Cues?

I’ve noticed that Djay 5 does not always assign varying colors to new Cues. This seems to be particularly the case with tracks that already contain cues (e.g., all light blue). In such cases, they remain all light blue even after deleting and re-adding them. (I can only change them one-by-one and by hand). Conversely, for a new track that does not yet have any cues, it seems that it does get Cues with varying colors.

Hence my question: How does Djay 5.1.1 assign colors to new Hot Cues? Is there a certain logic in it of a certain fixed sequence?

(Btw: I use Mixon 8 for setting these Cues)

Hi @DJ_Big_Blender,

Thanks for sharing this question!

We’ve gone ahead and passed your question along to our engineering team so that we can provide you with the most accurate information on how djay color codes hot cues.

I will make sure to update this thread as new information comes in.

Have a nice day!

Hi @DJ_Big_Blender,

We heard back from our team, and they provided the following explanation:

For previously un-cued tracks, there is a fixed starting color for each pad. (red, orange, blue, yellow, green, magenta, cyan, violet). Once a color is changed, it stays, even when the cue is deleted and re-assigned.

The reason behind this is that if you don’t touch the colors, we give you a varied color scheme to make them distinguishable. Once you start changing the colors on a track, we don’t know what you’re trying to do (but you probably do!) so we just keep the color you put even if you delete and re-add a cue.

I hope this helps!

Yes it makes the current functioning clear, but I’d rather had the varied color scheme back once cues were deleted and re-added.

The reason behind that I that most of my cues are converted Cues coming from my Traktor collection and these don’t have a color scheme.

And so now I have them in Djay I also have to “re-color” the whole collection again them to make more use of all the colors.

I was hoping this would be more easy after all.

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