How does iCloud work?

I have a lot of iCloud space but very little storage left on my three year old Ipad. How do use my iCloud space and can I expand the storage on my iPad? Pearl Kernaghan
I’m over 60 years old and primarily purchased my iPad to keep in touch with my family in Australia , I’ve owned my iPad for three years and have been using an iPhone for 6 years! I am desperately seeking a solution ! And would like to know if a wireless driver would be any use to me. I don’t fell that I’ve had much in the way of support from Apple. Most of the advice I get is from my son-in -law in Australia!

I’m sorry, Pearl, but we are only experts on algoriddim software. I think, this will help you though:

  • Expanding your iPad storage is not possible. In order to get free storage, you have to delete files from your iPad. You can get an overview of your iPad storage at “Preferences” > “General” > “Usage” > “Manage Storage”
  • If you don’t want these files to be deleted permanently, make sure you saved them, e.g. by syncing your iPad to your computer. Therefore, a wireless driver is not needed.