How does the licensing work for the Pro version?


I am in the process of purchasing a new mixer and a new MacBook Pro as, at the moment, I do have an iPad Pro (M1), a Kontrol S2 MK2 (that is not directly compatible with the iOS version), and a Windows Laptop (my MBP is in the computer heaven unfortunately).

All this means that I cannot use my controller on iOS and that I should use my PC instead. Right. My question here is, as there is no option to do a one-time payment for the Windows version, do I need to pay now for a Windows license and then, as soon as I upgrade either my laptop to a MBP or get a new compatible mixer with iOS, I will need to purchase another license?

I get that those apps are under different channels so they could have different prices, my problem here is that the current model is the subscription. Why the subscription itself is not transversal to other platforms? That would be like Spotify asking you to pay for 2 separate subscriptions if you have an Android TV and an iPhone.

Maybe I’m missing something as all the info that I found in that regard is a little bit old.

Thanks in advance,

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@karldeux I’ve been told that a single subscription of the latest djay Pro 5 will work across Windows, macOS and iOS devices. I believe you need to create a djay account when you install the Windows version and this should allow you to share your subscription with the Apple devices.

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Correct! It would be amazing if you stated this more clearly on your platform! thanks for the info! <3

Hi everyone - new Windows user here.

I already have a subscription to the iOS version, but when I installed the Windows version I was unable to link that to my existing subscription. For now, I have two subscriptions but obviously would prefer one if it’s possible.

I did see a post here from a few days ago saying that the iOS sub worked on Mac, but the Windows version was separate. According to this thread, that’s not the case so I’m confused.

I’ve contacted Algoriddim but not had a reply…

@PKtheDJ, sorry for the late reply. I just heard back from the team and this is the currently process for both macOS and iOS:

  1. Open djay on iOS or Mac.
  2. Ensure that you have an active PRO sub tied to your Apple ID.
  3. Create a djay account within the djay app settings menu.
  4. The Mac or iOS device will automatically tell your djay account that you have an active PRO sub.
  5. Open djay Pro on Windows.
  6. Sign into your djay account via the djay Pro for Windows app.
  7. Your djay account will automatically unlock the PRO features from your iOS or Mac device in Windows.

I contacted Algoriddim support a while ago and they helped me.

I think the issue was with Apple’s Private email thing where it generates new email addresses.

Great! Thanks for letting me know @PKtheDJ

Hi! I wonder how it is working with an unlocking device like the Mixon 8 Pro?
Do you still need a subscription then?

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