How many would like to use the Denon DN-MC6000 Controller, if it was mapped?

They won’t add native support until enough people want…

Just trying to see how many people would use this controller with the software if it were natively mapped.

Please respond if you would.

:slight_smile: Good idea.

Hey Scott, I’ve been meaning to ask: how do you know that the DN MC6000 is the most popular controller in the world?

Can you provide links to a statistic so I can check it out?

Ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. I tried for hours to get it to work and no go…

And, the most popular controller in the world is not mapped natively to the software.

Hopefully an new version will fix the problem… not anytime soon though.

Well, I mean there are countless articles that name the controller a “top 5”, with most of the other controllers being dedicated to Traktor, Serator or whatever.

Between the Numark NS6 and the Denon DN-MC6000, these are the two “big boys”.…

Again, I and many others rely on controllers to do our jobs. If you don’t support the most popular controllers then we can’t support this software. It’s that simple.

And again, I am VERY concerned that you are marketing your product to the bedroom dj, not the pro… hence the concentration on iPhone and iPad versions. It’s YOUR software but you know how I feel. There is NO WAY I would stick around if I didn’t think you had something here that was good enough for the pros. But, controller support should be a basic thing. You should be able to plug in your device and be able to play your event. I spent HOURS trying to configure the Denon based on your midi options and it just wasn’t happening.

Instead of having me complain on your forums everyday (because I want this product VERY BADLY), you should put my ideas to good use. Contact me if I can be of ANY assistance.

Warren, I see your vision. Your skills at programming are remarkable. Just not sure where you are going. Pro or not pro? If it’s pro, I will stick around. Just let us know.


This works, just plug it in… Works great

Well I have the Denon DN-MC6000 and djay pro…any way I can get the mapping. .Please