How Much is Djay Pro AI Per Annum??

Hi folks.
I do annual sub.
2020 - $50
2021 - $50
2022 - pending
However, on the FB forum I have seen more than a couple of folks saying they pay only $29!
What’s the story? One-time discount? Am I still gonna be paying $50 this 2022?
Not asking for a lowering of subscription rates but just looking for price equity!

Hi @Armgod_Okello,

Thanks for posting to the community!

Currently, djay’s PRO Subscription rates are as follows:

Monthly - USD $6.99
Annually - USD $49.99

Each of these plans come with a 7 day trial of the PRO subscription as well.

Please note that based on your region, rates may vary.

Have a great day!

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