How perfect assign CDJ2000nxs and DJM2000nxs to djay ?


I search some details about Pioneer hardware link. I’ve two cdj2000nxs and a DJM2000nxs mixer.

I’ve try to link by USB just one CDJ, it’s OK. But for two, I need a usb cable for each CDJ ?

Secondly, for my mixer, I’ve understand that is supported but not mapped. So I’ve connected my DJM by usb and assign crossfader etc… but I can’t mapped the eq ??

And to conclude, I really need three cables to link to djay ? no ethernet support ?

Thanks for your answer !

He is completely wrong. You need to connect all three (2 x CDJ 1 x DJM) to the laptop via USB. Rekordbox allows you the use of the ethernet cables thus eliminating the need for all the USB cables but no link support with Djay Pro, Traktor, or Serato.…

Yes a limitation by Pioneer. They want the “On Air” or network features to be a Pioneer (Rekordbox) exclusive. Have yet to see scrolling waveforms that Rekordbox offers on any other platforms as well but I still have hope for that one.

Hi there,

in order to play with this setup you can either map the DJM2000nxs (which is not natively supported via midi). After doing so you have to connect all three USB cables to your Mac.

Another option (which i recommend) would be to use the DJM2000nxs in external mixer mode. In that way you only have to connect the CDJs and set them to the desired Deck.

You can find an example on how to connect a CDJ in the manual, therefore hit cmd+?.

Hope this is helping.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’m sure you only need one cable.

I’ve seen them set up before on the cdjs and it was via 1 USB cable for both decks

Good thing :slight_smile: But how connect all with one cable ?

Thanks Deejay Dave and Lukas E !

I’ll try with DJM in external mixer, I thinks it’s better too.

I’ve to buy an other usb cable, i’ll try tomorrow (thanks Amazon premium :slight_smile: )

Just for my curiosity, why other platform can’t use ethernet ? A limitation by Pioneer ?