How to add a song as up next from the queue if a playlist is on Automix

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  • Device model: iPad 8
  • Version of operating system: iOS 17.4.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used: Hercules Dj Control Inpulse 500

Your question:

I am quite new to Djay, since Djay offers the ability to use Apple Music I am using Djay as a sort of automix app for music.

How to add a song as up next from the queue if a playlist is on Automix?

Why is the queue not showing up when Djay is automixing a selected playlist if I want to manually add a song as up next from the queue?

Edit: Yes I do realize that I could work a way around to add the playlist to the queue and then start the automix from the queue. But then I miss the repeat and shuffle functionality….

Hi @Dutchie, this is not currently possible within Automix.

Yes there is, I found a dirty solution.

When in the Queue you can load the song in to the inactive deck. The song first loaded shows up in the up next. Far from ideal but ok as a workaround.

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Perfect! Thanks for sharing your workaround @Dutchie.

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