How to add additional AU audio units, especially AUPitch, AUTimePitch and AUVarispeed.

Currently djay Pro offers these Audio Units, though there are more to play with.
See these ones offered with OS X 10.4: (can’t upload second image file.) Well easy enough to find on this page:…

I’d like to play with AUPitch, AUTimePitch and AUVarispeed. Is there a way to load these in? It appears my 3rd party Replika is showing up, but I’d rather use one the Apple Audio Units for a simple locked effect, rather than doing the slider each time.

Ideally, I’d like to find out what Audacity uses with it’s simple “Change Speed” Effect, because it doesn’t change or alter the wave form.

I’m still having trouble finding AUVarispeed, but I checked my Audio Unit Plugins via Logic Pro X and I certainly have AUPitch, which I could use, though it’s my second choice. Why is AUPitch not showing up as an available effect for Deck 1 or Deck 2?

Well, I found the Apple Developer Page that helps to clarify this issue. Indeed AUPitch is a System-Supplied Audio Unit Effect and definitely should be available as an Effect for either Deck. I found that AUVarispeed is a System-Supplied Converter Unit and I highly recommend it is made available (feature request) as an effect.

You can see this on this page:…

From the sales landing page ( it’s clear that it should be able to do this.
Looks like you are calling it Time Stretching with a degree range of + or - 75% and pitch shift up to an octave. Either one of these will work. I don’t want to do the slider every time a track loads, so what is the solution?

I’m pretty sure Audacity is able to access the AUVarispeed Converter Unit. I recommend djay Pro is able to access all system-supplied audio unit effects and converter units. Core Audio is stable and runs super smooth.

Hi Bryan,

The list of plugins is automatically generated and contains all available plugins. The plugins you’re looking for are probably no longer available. You can try installing it again but I’m afraid I can’t help you with the how.

Please contact Audacity support for questions regarding their software.

We’ll look into this.

Time-stretching aka key-lock has nothing to do with locking the tempo at a certain value. What it does is maintain the song’s original pitch (key) even when you change the playback tempo. You can activate it by clicking on the music note button below the tempo slider.

I have 3rd party AU FX plugins installed that do not show up in the list in Djay Pro. They are available in other hosts (Ableton, GarageBand). Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

One example of a (free) missing plugin:…