How to add Music on djay Pro Windows

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  • Device model *(intel cpu haswell i7 4770k
    16GB ram SSD SAMSUNG
  • Version of operating system *(WINDOWS 10 LATEST
  • Version of djay 5.1.8144 /
  • Hardware/controllers used DDJ-FLX4 / Novation Launch Control XL / One touch behinder

Your question:

all hardware together on IPAD PRO works perfectly .
also library, but would like so see the waveform were shown the hotcues are set or not
that sayd, the real question is i can’t add local music on windows in to the library like i can in me ipad pro.

only it let me use MUSIC MAP in C:\DRIVE.
no folder there to add too , to orginice the files.
it also would take a lot of space on c drive
so until now i can’t use windows djay now because it takes to long to search for music in this map if we have more thad a few honderds . let alone 1000 !

even ICLOUD, or search for local files on my PC on whatever place it is, is not imbedded so no go for me so hoop it will be just like it is on

i am so against streaming because if internet falls away… hole show gone…so i use local files on hardware USB to be sure. but if i can’t use that , than that’s no go !

Hi @johnnyboyx, to add music on the Windows version of djay, please try the following:

  1. Open the expanded Library View (bottom left corner icon)
  2. Select the Files Explorer source (bottom folder icon)
  3. Select the “+” icon then Add a Folder
  4. From here, select the desired Drive on your computer and the desired folder where your music is.


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