How to analyze only a few songs in a playlist

Hi, I have a few playlists on my Apple Music and I have already analyzed.
Now I would like to select the newly added tracks and analyze them too,
but I do not see that option (right-click only shows load to deck 1/ deck 2 & Add to Queue).
I do not want to click analyze again as some playlists have 1000’s of songs and I just need to analyze the new ones added (a few hundred) without hogging the network & PC again for hours.
How do I do this?

Windows Desktop PC:
Windows 10 updated (build 19045.4291)
Version of djay: 5.1.8144.0

Hi @DjMeku, currently the best way to do this would be to create a temporary playlist for the new tracks and analyze that playlist. Once complete, simply delete the temporary playlist.

Okay thanks for your reply.
Just some feedback for the developers, it would be a great on the right-click menu (like in VirtualDJ)
or you can make it such that you drag selected files to the Analyze button like in Serato.
Thank you again.

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You’re welcome @DjMeku. I’ll pass on your feedback. Thanks!

Would loading them in a deck cause analysing? If it is only a couple of tracks, that is what I do.

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