how to analyze only the last imported songs

Hi Warren, can you tell me is there a setting for only analyzing the last imported songs ? Or does Djay do that automatically? Thx

What helps (still a “workaround”): Order the songs by BPM so that you see the newest, non analyzed songs on top (they should have no BPM info) and start analyzing from this view - djay will start from the top of the list that you see on the screen…

djay does not automatically analyze your songs (unless you load them on a deck).

I recommend the following:

  • create a playlist in the Music app with the recently added songs
  • in djay, open the library, go to the playlist and tap More > Analyze All Songs.

I have a recently added playlist that I use
Thanks .

Thanks lychee black. Yes I’ve noticed it’s scrolls through the songs ultra fast.

It does go through all of the songs quickly, but when you have a large library, it is still tedious. The old version would analyze only the last songs added.

Even if you were to add say 5 songs to a playlist of 157 songs and then go to “more” and “analyze all songs”, it’s only gonna analyze those 5 songs, though it’ll say analyzing song #X of 157 songs. I do it all the time