how to backup media library

How can I backup my dJay media library? Here I am not talking about the MP3 files. I am talking about all the data that is not stored in the MP3 files. Mainly memory cues and hot cue points.

I am syncing my iPad with my Mac. I am syncing the media libraries. I am syncing selected playlists.

One problem I have: When I delete a playlist on Mac and recreate it then all the above data is gone in dJay.

Another problem: When I connect the iPad to another device, then OS X forces me to delete everything in my media library and recreate everything. I have to re-sync all playlists to the iPad. And then again all the above data is gone. (Yes I am doing this from time to time, because I am switching between different laptops that I sync with.

Is there a way to backup (and restore!) the additional data in the dJay media library?

(Maybe: Syncing tracks not as iTunes playlists but as plain files. Would that help?)

Thank’s to everyone for any tipps.

Hi @doogie,

Thanks for staying active in the Community.

We recently added an automatic media library backup system. So now, djay automatically creates a copy of the “djay Media Library” on every launch and keeps the last 10 copies. You can access the backups directly in the Files app under On my iPhone/iPad > djay > User Data (see screenshot below).

Regarding your question about syncing the iPads iTunes library with different computers, since this is imposed by iOS, you’ll have to reach out to Apple to ask that.
Yes, using the Files integration will help, check out these guides:

Hope I could help. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Cheers, G

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