How to Beat Jump more than 4 Beats?

Skip is not good enought , only 4 beats .
It would be perfect to have Beat Jump based on loop size .

Skip can be anything from 1/32 of a beat, all the way up to 64 beats.

Loops max out at 32 beats.

Not sure why you’re suggesting loops are only 4 beats?


I’m not talking about loops … I can’t find the option to skip 32 beats ( Mac OS)
If you can help i will apreciate it


In picture 1 make sure you have the 1st icon selected so that it’s coloured blue.

That will then bring up the skip bar shown in picture two.

From there you can use the arrows etc to change skip duration and skip etc.

That should find it for you.


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Thanks very much my friend …still confusing about it … I think it should be easier .

Thanks again

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You’re very welcome.


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Thanks for that @sooteee!

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It can’t get any easier (feasibly), I mean, you could add a rose at a road to the layout, kinda like how you have enabled it from the directions in the pictures. But I don’t jump 64 beats or anything over four so I wouldn’t want that hogging up my room there’s other information I need to be able to read on the screen. so it would be best to have an option to display it for the people who would like to use it, and that’s what they’ve done here.
Once you get used to it, there’s a lot of toolbars that you can cycle through, depending on what you’re playing depends on what you’ll be using. Since you only have so much real estate…
all the easier ways to do things are taking up by more important functions. The more I play around with the program the more stuff I’m finding I can do. Especially with the midi mapping

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Hi @Mauri_Moore, with the latest 5.1.5 djay release, you now have MIDI commands to skip more than 4 beats.

Nice update !!! Thanks

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You’re welcome @Mauri_Moore