How to cancel Free Trial on macOS

Hello, I have activated a free 7 day trial of Day on Mac 2 days ago.
I am not happy with the app and want to cancel the trial.
Where can I do this?
When go to App Store > Account settings > I cannot find the app anywhere to cancel the subscription.
Thanks for your help.

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If you are not happy with the app, just uninstall it :slight_smile:

Hi @jpascal, please go to the Mac App Store, click on your name/account in the bottom left corner, click on account settings, sign in (if needed), click on Manage next to subscriptions, in the top Active panel you’ll see djay, click on the app, click on cancel subscription.

Fab! Tx a lot for your help.

This won’t cancel the subscription.

Uninstall and let the free 7 day run out.
It will not autorenew and bill you after 7 days

You’re welcome @jpascal. Happy to help.