How to change the automix duration without going into automix mode?

I am looking for a way to change the automix bars duration without going into the automix mode so that when I’d like to just click the arrow to automix some songs then I don’t have to change the mode.

Hi @RAANreaper,

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Are you asking how to change Automix tracks within a different mode such as Classic or Pro?

Additionally, what platform are you using djay on and what version number do you have?

Hello Nathaniel,

I’m using the latest version on my IPad Pro 2022. I like using the Pro mode but sometimes when I’m switching between genres I like to switch up the bar transition time, for example, going from an 8 bar auto transition to 2-4 bars instead. Currently, I am only aware of changing that transition time by going to the auto mix mode and then going back to the pro mode. Is there another way?

  • Rodolfo.

Maybe like this

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Thank you for the suggestion. I was looking for an onscreen button that I can adjust on the fly but this will certainly work.

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