How to configure cross fade.

I do not know much at all with respect to djaying. I d/l Djay 2 mainly for using Cross Fading. However I must be doing something wrong. It seems to wait until 7 seconds remaining of song before it starts up 2nd song. How can i increase the cross fade so that the songs mix better.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply.


Hi Bruce,

Please tap the Automix icon and select “Transition”. Here you can change various options for the transition.

Hey there,

which djay version and which device are you using?

Lukas E.

OK I mix a LOT of different types of music and use built in intros and outros that may not be beat focused and I DON’T want to synch when I transition right or left many times - I just want a nice smooth automated crossfade. Can you assist on that?

Was Spyridon’s question ever answered? I also would like to know how to crossfade (specifically just auto-fade using the right and left arrow) without syncing the BPM. Just disable the sync manually for specific song transitions. I’ve played with the sync buttons, but can’t seem to figure it out.

Thanks in advance for your help.