How to connect my DDJ-SX to my iPad Pro 2020?

Hi, I just bought an iPad Pro 2020 running Djay Pro AI with the Pro subscription. Now I want to connect my DDJ-SX to the iPad Pro 2020. What cables/adapters do I need? The iPad only has a USB-C.


And according to Algoriddim it is compatible with the DJ-SX: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim

Would appreciate your help and good advice! Cheers

I’ve got the iPad 11 with an SB3 and I connect them up with one of these from Amazon.
Connect a power supply to the PD port and your usb - midi cable to one of the USB ports and it should all work really well, does for me anyway!


Thanks a LOT sooteee!

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Hi @DJ_Boum_Boum,

In order to guarantee perfect communication between your supported controller and djay for iOS, please connect the controller to your iOS device following these steps:

  1. Connect the Lightning or USB-Adapter to your iOS device
  2. Power the adapter through its designated power connector [ 12W ]
  3. Connect the controller to the adapter to guarantee perfect communication
  4. Start djay for iOS

Hope I could help.

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