How to control Neural Mix on iPad with djay Pro and Pioneer DDJ-FLX4?

Pretty much as the subject reads. Can I control neural mix on the Pioneer DDJ-FLX4 connected to DJ Pro running on my iPad Air?

This is possible with individual mapping. At the time, I had mapped one of the performance pads in hot cue mode for EQ/Neural Mix Toggle. I also used a mode of the performance pads to switch individual elements (vocals, drums, harmonics) on or off.

@Chris_R, I don’t have access to a FLX4 to test, but is there a Neural Mix EQ/Regular EQ Toggle button mapped in the default mapping? Maybe something like SHIFT+Headphone Cue?

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It’s been a while, but I don’t remember this being included in the default mapping. But of course it could be different now.

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