How to correct BPM analysis/tap/change grid lines

I have just got DJAY PRO AI and mixing mainly D&B.

The BPM is wrong is most of these tracks, I can see the double option, which helps for some of them. But not for others.

  • Can I change the tempo range of bpm analysis eg 165-175 BPM to make it more accurate

  • Where is the tap option to manually change bpm?

  • How do I manually move grid lines (on this video there is beats and grid section which I can’t seem to find in the version I am using

  • Are there any good videos on this topic?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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The analysis range can’t be changed it’s 0-200.

The manual have pretty good explanation of ui and different functionalities of the app.

Most of the beat grids, cue point assignments, tempo edits etc is easiest to do in one deck mode.

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