How to delete all songs related to a specific playlist?

Music library management is one of the key features of a professional dj app.

For a dj, music comes and goes i.e. old music needs to be removed, playlists needs to be reorganize etc.

  1. If I have a playlist A, which I want to delete, the playlist will be deleted, but songs are still on the “My Music Collection” .
    => how to find songs which are not in any playlist?

  2. If I have a playlist A, which I want to delete and I want to also remove all songs from “My Music Collection” as well, how to do it?
    1 song is easy, but if I need to remove a playlist with 100+ songs, there is no easy way to do it.
    As there is no option to edit any metadata. So no way to edit the comment field and add a comment like “delete”, then it would be easy to search those songs with filters…

Using additional mini side panel, is quite clumsy and slow as if I show the playlist A, I still need to find all songs one by one from my music collection.

As now the app is creating a backup library file, even if I mess up and delete songs, I can always restore old back up database.

I would suggest that there would be option to delete a playlist + all songs on that playlist.

And note! When song is removed from “My Music Collection” corresponding metadata file needs to be deleted as well. Why keep it as when I want to delete it. As the song analysis is fast re-creation of the file is also fast, there is no need to keep it.

Hi @dj_romy_fi,

Thanks for all this great feedback!

I appreciate your thorough detail as well and I’m sure that our dev team will be just as appreciative.

Looking forward to your next great suggestions!

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Until the feature is available, I just keep all my files on an external drive and create playlist folders. That way they won’t populate the Algoriddim library. I also have some files on the internal drive. I will not add them to the library because if I decide to delete a playlist full of songs I’d be dragging forever one by One. I can go to the finder and edit folder content in bulk. If there’s a need to search for a request, I do it through the Algoriddim library. By the end of the night or whatever, I don’t have many to delete because most songs are on the external or internal drive. Hope that makes sense and helps until they implement the much needed feature.

Actually… didn’t you know this:

It’s still questionable “bug” or “feature”:

  • load a new track to player (which never have been stored to “My Collection”)
  • metadata (track analysis data) file will be created
  • don’t store the track to “My Collection”
  • don’t play the track
  • close the app
  • the metadata file is never deleted

2nd step:

  • add a new track to local playlist in the “My Collection”
  • delete the track from “My collection”
    => the metadata file is never deleted

Is there perhaps a way or tool to manually edit the database?

Hi @Chris_R,

At this time, there is not.

However, I will pass this along to our dev team for continued review as this suggestion/feature request meets other criteria we are currently tracking.

Have a nice day!