How to Delete Start Cue

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  • Device model: iPad Pro
  • Version of operating system: 17.3.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.2
  • Hardware/controllers used: rebook buddy

Your question:
How do you turn off the white Start Cue? Shift/Cue doesn’t do it…

Hi @djqueenvic

Still there @Slak_Jaw

There is a difference between the Start Cue and Temporary Cue. The Temporary Cue cannot be deleted. It can only be moved. To move the Temporary Cue to a different location, simply pause the track and press the big Cue button next to Play on your controller or onscreen.

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Oh God. Never noticed it before. Must have accidentally pressed something. Ps. Have you noticed any flickering screen reports today. Like shorting? @Slak_Jaw

No screen flickering reports today. It’s really starting to sound like there is an issue with your iPad. As suggested yesterday, I think it’s time to take it to an Apple Store for diagnostics.

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Nightmare, but thanks as ever @Slak_Jaw over and out!

You’re welcome @djqueenvic. Good luck!

If you have the GUI set to Set / Cue rather than just Cue in the settings, the temporary (white) cue point can be deleted by long pressing the Set Button on iOS or iPadOS.

If you’re on a Mac left click and hold on the Set button.

This can only be done with the Set / Cue option though, if you have set it to just the Cue option, you can’t delete it.



I never use the temporary cue and have just midi mapped my cue button to a Hot Cue being that I have 3 out of the 4 bottom cue buttons are mapped to neural effects


Thanks so much @sooteee @maurizio_T


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