How to edit the columns for Genre, Comments, Rating, and Year

Hello everyone,

it’s probably a silly question, but I’ve tried everything and can’t figure it out. It makes me crazy, but how do you edit the content/metadata of columns for Genre, Comments, Rating, and Year?

Thank you very much for the support and best regards.

Well, currently there is no support for editing tags.

But it has been requested many times

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@Thomas3, unfortunately as @dj_romy_fi stated, it’s not currently possible to edit meta data within djay Pro AI. Please feel free to cast your vote to add this feature in the link shared above.

Pitched Down Voice fading over into Reverb and Glitch:
“But it has been requested maaaaaaaaaaaany times”
… leads into the drop. Followed by

  • hardcore techno
  • hardstyle dutch
  • heavy heavy angry music
  • lost in drugs “no hope”
  • [express your feelings in 2023 about editing tags inside the music-world]

/irony of

My subscription plan wil renew in 5 months. If there aren’t really improvements going on here, I cancel it.

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Yes, we really need to be able to show, EDIT, and sort tracks by any metadata. Please add the ability to rate our tracks WITHIN the app. Please. Djay Pro AI runs so well on my iPad Pro, but I hate using it because the library management is so lacking. It honestly seems pretty simple compared to the complexity of the rest of the app. Please implement this.

If you use the Apple Music app you can edit any information there and it will show up on your library

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