How to edit the fx type for fx slot 1 on deck 3 and 4?

Hi, I’m working with a mixon 4 controller and there are three buttons/knobs for fx (on/off, dry/wer, and one for global parameter. But there is no way of selecting the fx type via hardware right?
For deck 1 and 2 I can edit the fx type for the first fx slot on the left and right side in 2 deck mode on the iPad. And Fx 2 and 3 are accesible via the fx tab/ manual fx. But if I switch to 4 deck mode the option to edit the fx type on the left and right disappears giving way to deck 3 and 4 on the display, which means I have no way of editing the first fx on deck 3 and 4.
Any ideas, am I missing something?

Cheers Matias

Mixon 4 is great! I’m really happy with it! it has a few quirks though that could be improved but that are usually small details! Yes I use it at least twice a week for gigs…

I really would appreciate some feedback here. Could anybody at least confirm this? Cheers


Does nobody know how to acces/change the type of fx 1 on channel 3 and 4? Really could use some help here since I need it for my live mashups…

I know this is off topic and sorry I can’t give you an answer, BUT, how do you like your Mixon 4??? I’m thinking of upgrading from an iDJAY Pro (Numark) and going to the Mixon. Do you do live gigs with it??? Sorry I couldn’t help…

Sweet. It’s nice to see it is reliable enough to use weekly for gigs.