How to export / transfer cue points?

Hey there,

every time i move a file or even if i rename it, the cue points are lost. Every time i move my AIFF Tracks from my desktop to my laptop the cue points are gone.

So there seems to be no solution for this issue. All i’ve found in the web, have been closed topics about this circumstance, which lay years back.

DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT CUE POINTS ARE? For digital djs? How many time this double work needs? I don’t think so.

Rekordbox at least has an export button for files, playlists, folders that saves cue points with your files on usb sticks or other file destinations. Cue points can even get exportet to their hardware devices.

Algoriddim, i expect from you an answer. No automatic close down of the topic, like all the others.

And if you have no solution yet, how to export files with cue points from a DJay to DJay setup on different platforms. I expect from you to write one, during your next sprints.

What’s wrong with you? Why hasn’t this been priority in the past, yet?


Agreed. When using Denon LC6000s cue points randomly disappear and sometimes don’t match in colour. Y’all gotta get cue points solid. Soooooo frustrating and ironically unprofessional.

Here’s a hint for Windows where the metadata is stored.

The cuepoints are not stored to mp3/aiff/waw file itself, they are stored in files which extensions are .metadata in directories defined by this doc

This doesn’t itself tell what needs to be copied between windows machines, but you might try.
Note! Be sure that all files (music+these directories) are exactly same in both machines.

Hi @sunscope,

As @dj_romy_fi suggested, have you checked out our FAQ on “Where Cue Point’s Are Stored in djay Pro for Windows”?

Would you like to see the transferring of cue points and general metadata handled or exported in a different way and if so would you be willing to share such feedback?

Looking forward to your response. Have a great day!

Hi Nathaniel,

thanks for your reply.

The problem with the current situation is, that you can’t reach those cue points or analysis data in one handy file. I guess the major problem is, that when you export your library to a different djay Pro setup (eg. via USB Device to some Live Kit of a Venue or a different DJ), the soundfiles need to be stored in the same folder structure to get recognized and when i replace that library file in appdata, the soundfiles that have been stored and registered in library before, are lost. At the moment i can’t even move my files into another folder of the same HDD or rename them without loosing the cue points.

I have the situation, that i practice on my desktop mashine, because it is faster and i can record my mixes in a better quality. I have a laptop kit for life situations and would like to transfer tracks with cue points and analysis data from my desktop to my life kit. Also i would like to invite other DJs using djay pro playing on my kit during a show.

But this is not possible, because cue points and analysis data gets lost. So what i am doing now, is often repeating the work with setting the markers of 20-30 Tracks just to play them on my laptop. That costs extra hours. And believe me, i tend to play tracks i purchased from beatport, juno or bandcamp.

My wish: When you work with files stored on a hard drive, i would love to have for each of a soundfile i’ve analyzed and worked with in djay pro, a sepperate file, that contains cue points and analysis data, like meta info and graphical wave form data. Like Wavelab does with .wav files and .wav.gpk files.

You then have 2 Files:
My cool track.aiff
My cool track.djay

When you read in these audio files together with metafile at other djay pro systems, you then should have the same experience like on your local mashine.

I know you have to care about two cases:

  • One is the online libraries (soundcloud etc.) where you need to store the metadata in a collection based on the adress of the stream and the online account, because no physical file on a harddrive will be stored.

  • Second is the Filesystem working with soundfiles where you can add such an additional meta file, for sure.

I think this is why you put all that data in a library file at the local app data folder.

Could you understand me?

Thanks for paying attention. This would be such a big improvement.

Paul =)

Hi @sunscope,

This definitely makes sense and we appreciate the thoroughness of your answer!

I will most definitely reconvene with our support team about this and send it off to our devs for further review.

Feel free to include any more notes you have regarding this suggestion and we will update this thread accordingly. Have a great day!

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Hello @NathanielAlgo

thanks for the reply. I think we as algoriddim community and users would very appreciate the approach to handle cuepoints and other metainformation used by djay pro, more stable without losses, when renaming or moving audio files into different folders or to different djay pro kits.

Absolutely awesome and relieving would be if another further going circumstance can get included into such a new solution. When those cuepoints made with djay pro, would be compatible with pioneer controlers like cdjs or xdj-rx3 fore example.

That means, when you load a track edited with djay pro into pioneer or hardware of other manufactors you get the same results with cuepoints like in djay pro. And on the other side, when you edit audio files with serato or rekord box, the same result with metainformation and cuepoints gets displayed in djay pro. Such a compatibility would be a great Vision. =)

I’m not sure if this isn’t already posible or how to solve this, but this is another question for track handling on different platforms for your developer team.

Because for a DJ the hardware mostly depends on the venue. You can be lucky with your djay pro setup at your home studio. But when a club uses CDJs you face the same issue with double work this time on another software, what makes it extra difficult.

I hope i could help with my imagination to improve djay pro to a better usability, when it comes to exchanging edited audio files.

Paul =)

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