How to export / transfer cue points?

Hey there,

every time i move a file or even if i rename it, the cue points are lost. Every time i move my AIFF Tracks from my desktop to my laptop the cue points are gone.

So there seems to be no solution for this issue. All i’ve found in the web, have been closed topics about this circumstance, which lay years back.

DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU HOW IMPORTANT CUE POINTS ARE? For digital djs? How many time this double work needs? I don’t think so.

Rekordbox at least has an export button for files, playlists, folders that saves cue points with your files on usb sticks or other file destinations. Cue points can even get exportet to their hardware devices.

Algoriddim, i expect from you an answer. No automatic close down of the topic, like all the others.

And if you have no solution yet, how to export files with cue points from a DJay to DJay setup on different platforms. I expect from you to write one, during your next sprints.

What’s wrong with you? Why hasn’t this been priority in the past, yet?


Agreed. When using Denon LC6000s cue points randomly disappear and sometimes don’t match in colour. Y’all gotta get cue points solid. Soooooo frustrating and ironically unprofessional.

Here’s a hint for Windows where the metadata is stored.

The cuepoints are not stored to mp3/aiff/waw file itself, they are stored in files which extensions are .metadata in directories defined by this doc

This doesn’t itself tell what needs to be copied between windows machines, but you might try.
Note! Be sure that all files (music+these directories) are exactly same in both machines.