How to fast forward in track on dj2go2 controller?

Howdy, can anyone tell me how to fast forward in a track using just the dj2go2 controller? I’m trying not to touch the iPad while mixing and this is the only action I can’t figure out. On the ddj1000 you can hold down a shift button while spinning the jog wheel to skip ahead in a track… is there anything like that for djay on iOS with the numark dj2go2 controller? Cheers

@rnb it should be pretty straight forward to modify the default MIDI mapping to add this feature.

  1. If you’ve never MIDI mapped in djay before, check out the guide below.
  2. Once inside the MIDI Learn section of djay, you’ll want to hold SHIFT + Touch and Rotate the jog wheel.
  3. The MIDI command you’re looking for is called Jog Seek.
  4. Repeat this for Deck 2.
  1. Looking at images for the Numark DJ2GO2, it looks like it doesn’t have a SHIFT button.
  2. In this case, I would probably remap one of the SYNC buttons to be the SHIFT button.
  3. Since you only really need to press SYNC a few times during a set, having to do this via the touch screen isn’t a big deal.
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Wish the Rane One Jog Wheels were mapped in Djay!

@maurizio_T I don’t have a Rane One, but I’m assuming you mean that the platters are mapped to djay and work properly, but the actual
MIDI commands for them are not accessible via djay’s MIDI learn tool?

Algoriddim seems to do this for advanced controls that cannot be handled by their limited MIDI learn tool. I’d really like to see them upgrade this tool for more advanced MIDI mapping possibilities.

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Thanks for the response. I’m pretty sure I understand how midi mapping works, I’ve set the pitch faders as Filters because the DJ2GO2 doesn’t have dedicated EQ knobs. It works well.

However I can’t see how to create a shift button. In the DJAY midi actions editor when i choose the SYNC button… it looks like i can remap it to one available action (not a combination of two buttons, ie. sync and the jog wheel to skip ahead). Under the ‘Jog Wheels’ action there are 3 options:

  1. Scratching Mode
  2. Toggle jog pitch bend mode
  3. toggle jog seek mode.

Perhaps what I am trying to do is not possible? There doesn’t seem to be a way in DJAY to create this mapping to use the jog wheel to search through a song from what i can see.


@rnb for the SHIFT button:

  1. You need to change the Target from Deck 1 to General
  2. Then scroll all the way to the bottom and select Controller Shift Key

@rnb once you’ve mapped the SHIFT key as outlined, follow my original suggestion for the Jog Wheels.

Yes that’s correct, Djay allows the platters to work and function correctly but they aren’t recognized in the midi map mode…
The Motor off button which allows the Rane One platters to be switched off and used as regular CDJ function also isn’t and can’t be mapped,
First world problems I know but as you said, it would be niceif Djay allowed these to be mapped

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@rnb were you able to get this working?

Yea! It worked great, thanks for the help… i probably wouldn’t have figured that out: going to General… i took a look through the manual just now and still think i would not have figured it out even i had rtfm first… so yes, thanks a heap man. :raised_hands:

@rnb you’re welcome. Glad that worked.

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