How to find matching tune from library

The right pane “match” app is great, but the implementation could be improved a lot.

When you have a lot of songs imported from Spotify, the filter is almost useless as you can’t find songs based on genres.

So if you have playlist folder structure like

  • 80’s
    – dance
    ---- disco
    ---- disco extended
    ---- synthpop
    – rock
    ---- classic rock
    ---- aor
    ---- hard rock

The match app could be kind of a filter app for the folder, ie it would match only the compatible songs from the selected folder.

Ie if I play a hard rock song from hard rock playlist, I could select the “rock” folder and when enabling the “match app” it would show only the matching songs from all
playlist under the “tree structure” and filter out not relevant songs.

And I could set up the default “match” to be like +/- 8% bpm, compatible keys.

The filter app isn’t very useful when you need to manually setup the filters.

Hi there,

thank you for your post.

I understand your thought, have you tried doing the explained with the djay Pro 2 filtering system?

The Match is designed as overall matching algorithm which is using several variables.

Just trying to figure out the good enough solution how to store Spotify songs.
Either you’ll gonna have huge amount of playlists in 1 level or then you have quite deep folder structure to store lists.

It’s confusing as some things can be done with controller and still huge amount of stuff you need to do from laptop keyboard.

To use filtering, it requires too many clicks on the keyboard. It needs to be faster. Best way is to have predefined filters which can be selected with 1 click.

As in worst case you need to go through huge amount of lists and then first select the bpm range you want to filter out let say current bpm is 125, you fill in range 120-130…

And you realize that you still have +1000 songs in your list.
Then you fill in the keys current Am + the related ones Em (if you like)
And now you might have still 50-60 songs which are compatible.
But once the filter is defined it’s easy to change the folder or list which it’s affects.

BUT the time you are spending on the keyboard is the time you are not following your crowd.