How to get my Fx pack to use.

I bought the pack and it is not showing up in the effects table. i want to use in the sound FX

Please tap the “EQ” icon (above the tempo slider) and go to “FX”. Tap the displayed effect name to open the selection menu containing all the effects you purchased.

Hi Scott,

The picture above shows the FX Packs store and not the actual FX tools panel. Please follow the steps above. The EQ button does not actually say “EQ”, the icon looks like a mini EQ with 3 sliders and is located above the tempo sliders in turntable mode.

can you please make a button or add it to Instant all the FX Pack…right now its limited to use…its a lot of work just to look for them…

Proof that i bought the pack. It is not showing up in my effects list on my phone :frowning:
the only thing is being able to preview the songs.

As a future update, it would be cool if you can make these FX codes Instant. instead of Manual \pad. Thanks btw, i had figured out after i sent the message.

Huh? I see it but it just shows the pic above. Expected to see the same Dort of buttons as the other FX choices