How to get my history back?

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  • Device model: iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (5th generation)
  • Version of operating system: iOS
  • Version of djay: Version 5.1.4
  • Hardware/controllers used: none

**Your question:**How can I get my history back? My history has disappeared…

Hi @Bigeasy, djay stores your history in the "“djay Media Library” database. djay also creates automatic backups of this database. If your history is missing, you can restore the “djay Media Library” from one of your backups. Please refer to the bottom section of the linked FAQ article below on how to do this.

I tried that but it didn’t work. I removed the program and reinstalled it to start over, and lost everything. Now when I start a new playlist it goes away in a couple days.

Hi @Bigeasy, are you saying that your history playlists (Sessions) are completely disappearing every few days? That sounds unusual.

  1. Can you please take some screenshots of your djay library in the My Collections source with the Sessions tab enable?
  2. Please also expand one of the playlists here to show the songs and take another screenshot.
  3. What is the main source of your music? Ex. Local Library mp3, Apple Music Streaming, Beatport, etc.