How to import my history from djay Pro to djay Pro AI?

Hi guys,
is there any possibility to import my history sessions from djay to djay pro AI? This ist really important to me, I’d be very happy if you see any solution to that :slight_smile:


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Hi @anne_senkel,

Thanks for your post!

Please see the FAQ below which shows you how to transfer djay data including your History.

Have a nice day!

Hi Nathaniel,
Im sorry but I haven’t figured out, how to import the sets. I found the folder “sets” of Djay Pro thanks to your help, but I cant import them to djay Pro AI - since AI hasnt got that folder. Do you know how to do it?
thx very much!!

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i too would like to know this

i was using Djay Pro 1 all the way up until this year, when i finally moved to djay Pro AI

i want to (at the very least) be able to look at my old sets in text format and recreate the playlists, etc.
but the Sets folder from DJay Pro 1 are all .plist files

is there a way to import /merge them into djay Pro AI?