how to import new movies into vjay

hello everyone,
i’m trying to import new clips inside vjay.
using itunes, i import the clips inside vjay documents.
they are h264 mp4 files with 30 fps, i use free video converter to convert them to ipad videos. but they don’t show up in the videos tab.
what am i doing wrong??
using an ipad 2 with ios 6 and macbook pro with lion.

Hi Randy,

You can also use videos from your Camera Roll.

What exactly happens when you try to play the videos? Can you play them with the “Videos” app?

can someone from algoriddim respond?
thanks in advance

i found it!
was a bit lazy not to search throw the forums.
make your clips and then import them in iTunes.
after synchronizing it appeared on my iPad.
going to try it out next saturday during a dupstep party.
hope it’s stable enough.

Warren. I recently made some video with ap app called Luminancer. I saved the videos on my camera roll but I vjay wouldn’t let me import them. What would you say would be the reason vjay wouldn’t accept the videos?

Hi Warren. I have a question below.