How to keep Djay Pro2 paylists synced

The addition of playlists is an amazing feature, however, it lacks the capability of dynamically updating the content of a Library playlist based on Spotify playlists.

Once I create a DJ Pro playlist by copying a Spotify Playlist from “Spotify” to “My Library”, the playlist in “my Library” is not updated when I add new songs in the source Spotify Playlist.
I looked at SmartPlaylists hoping there would be a way to update dynamically the content of a playlist in “My Library” based on the content of Spotify Playlists, but the filters in the Rules do not include something like “Spotify Playlist Name”. They only relate to individual songs, not playlists.
Is that something you could implement? That would be amazing!
Best Regards,

Hi Lukas,
The latest 2.0.5 release does not seem to provide any enhancement related with creating SmartPlaylists dynamically updated based on the content of Spotify Playlists - aka when a song is added in a Spotify playlist, it’s automatically added in the SmartPlaylists that refers to the Spotify Playlist.
Can you update on the future plans to add this capability?

Hi there,

thank you for pointing this out.

I forwarded the issue internally and we will keep you posted about updates.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and improving our software.



Same question. It would be great to have playlists in My Library sync with Spotify playlists and update automatically. Is this currently a feature or will there be something like it soon?

Manually syncing Spotify and iTunes playlists in My Library would be a workaround if djay Pro2 didn’t import duplicates. I just requested the ability to ignore duplicate tracks when importing to My Library playlists.