How to lower pitch on Djay without changing tempo? Like djay2 pitch change?

I used Djay 2 for years and the only reason I used it was it would let me lower pitch of Spotify songs. I understand that apocryphal not longer support 3rd party apps and since is one lad iOS 14 my iPhone 11 wil not open djay2. I downloaded the djay app and bought tidal.

My question is. How in djay can you lower the pitch of a song without lowering the tempo? This was my favourite feature on djay2 surely not the only person? Can some please help me? Or can the people at djay please make an update soon that allows us to easily drop the tempo like Djay2? Iā€™d happily pay for it if this was a feature?

After loading up a track on one of the decks, tap on key near the title of the track on the deck. Next, tap on the grey numbered box to blue (default set at 0) (this is pitch lock), then tap + or - to change pitch without the tempo changing. Hope this helped.

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