How to Make a Recent Tracks Smart Playlist in iOS When Managing With Apple Music

I’m unable to find a way to make a smart playlist in iOS djay that only lists my latest tracks that I’ve added via Apple Music.

I see it’s possible to make a new smart playlist from the Playlists section of djay’s tracks viewer. There’s even a way to sort in between a certain period of time such as in the last 2 weeks or other criteria.

However, this doesn’t seem to work and it simply shows all of the songs available no matter how long ago they were added and ignores any sorting in the last 2 weeks.

Am I missing something or is this not meant to work this way?

This feature would be important for any DJ I would think. As I add new songs to my various playlists in Apple Music, and then sync to djay, I always want to focus on the latest tracks I’m excited to play.

With a smart playlist that can just find my latest tracks, I can easily find them to play in one place.

Without this feature, I have to remember which playlists I organized my latest tracks into and then manually create a new playlist or queue.

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I would like to see this feature also implemented if it isn’t already…
Whenever I add a new song to my ITunes, it automatically gets added to the Recently Added folder…
It would be convenient to be able to look at the tracks I had recently added in Djay as well.

I’d also like to know a song which playlist has been put on. With Itunes you can see it. With Djay Pro AI you can’t see.

An obvious solution I missed here is creating my own Apple Music Smart Playlist. Music has its own default I mentioned before but that has many hundred of songs from way back.

Then I remembered Smart Playlists where you can set time and song limit rules plus more for recent additions to the library. Here’s how:

  1. Launch Apple Music > File > New > Smart Playlist

  2. Set the rules to your liking. here’s an example:

  3. Name your playlist and hit enter to complete.

  4. Finally, select this smart playlist to by synced on your iPad or iPhone so it shows up in the Music playlists within djay.

Later, if you want to change rules, right click on the playlist in the left col and select Edit rules.

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Great workaround CliffyPop

One thing I added is Grouping criteria. I don’t want non-dance music that is added to my music library appearing in this playlist.

I’ve got a Grouping keyword on dance tracks set in Apple Music via Get Info on relevant tracks. By adding a rule for this Grouping, plus setting Match to all, allows just newly added dance tracks to appear and not other music I may have added.

Another route could be using dance Genres as a criteria instead if you have those set.

I have been using this method for years now, works great!
You can even omit certain songs from your list.

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