How to midi map jog wheel lights on the Numark NS6 for Djay Pro

I’ve been trying to set up the jog wheel lights on my NS6 for some time, by playing around with the midi out but all I can get is frustration…
Could you please assist me on that or release a mapping that includes that?
I’ll be very grateful and hopefully others might benefit too!
Thanks for producing a great Dj software and integrating Spotify on it!

Hi Tiago van der Worp,

the NS 6 is natively supported by djay Pro 2 for the Mac.

Are you accepting the audio device window when you connect the controller?

Hi there,

I am very sorry to hear that. Which djay Version an which device are you using?

Hi Lukas!

Yes - for Master, Cueing and Microphone.

I’ve also tried the controller with Serato DJ Pro and everything was mapped perfectly to that software, including the jog wheel lights.

Any clue on how to solve this? Is there a mapping file available?

Thanks in advance,

Can I have an answer?

You state the NS6 has a native controller, yet, the deck lights don’t work on your built-in midi map!

I’m using the latest update for the Djay Pro, the 1.4.5 and my controller is a Numark NS6.

I’ve also tried my controller on the Demo of Djay Pro 2, but got no deck lights either…
I believe it is only a matter of mapping, but I don’t have the skills to sort it out.