How to midi map Tempo controll to Deck Volume Slider on Reloop Mixtour

I love djay Pro with Reloop Mixtour. But i miss the templo slider on the Mixtour.
Wouldn’t it be great to map the Decks Volume Sliders to the BPM tempo pitch controll of djay Pro?

How do we do that? And can it be done?

Can you map shift functions to control tempo? Like map SHIFT + the Transport and Cue buttons (for each deck) to control BPM?

Hey there,

thank you for your post. 
in the Midi… menu (top menu bar) you can edit or create new mappings.
You can edit the existing mapping of the mixtour to have two pitchs instead of line faders.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Joop, I mapped the Tempo/pitch to the SHIFT+Bass knobs, but frustratingly, whenever I turn them, the tempo just jumps up to meet the exact tempo of the track that I’m SYNC’ed with. eg 110bpm (Deck1) jumps immediately to 125 (Deck2). I would like the tempo to move smoothly from the tempo it starts at and be able to roll up to the next tempo. Do you know why it jumps? Is the system confused by the placement of the Bass knob? Any way to fix this?

i use my bass buttons with shift to make an pitch button, with the midi in the program.