How to MIDI map the Reloop buddy for this specific function

Hi everyone, so apparently I notice that the Reloop Buddy only has High and Low EQ knob which sucks. And I’m thinking of remapping MIDI so that the filter knob can be Low EQ (basically High EQ knob = high EQ knob; low EQ knob = mid EQ knob; filter EQ knob = low EQ knob) and to activate the filter knob, I want to press Shift + turn Filter knob to activate it. Anyone know in details how do I make this change?

@huydtbd69 this is really quite easy to do in djay. I have done the same with my Reloop Ready, but instead mapped the Gain control to High EQ. Here’s a guide for MIDI Mapping in djay for iOS.

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Hi @Huydtbd69,

As @Slak_Jaw mentioned, djay has made it easy to be able to edit the mappings of your device from within djay! The steps mentioned in the link they provided will detail how to make these changes.

Thank you both for being members of our community and happy mixing!

That’s exactly how I have my Buddy set up,
I also have mapped the Loop encoder dial to Gain on each deck,
I don’t really change the Loop duration all that much when I play and it’s usually either 8 or 16 beats, I did map Shift + Loop encoder to change the loop duration

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