How to play a playlist?

Hi there,
So I got DJAY 2 on my Android tablet and finally kinda figured out how to make a playlist, created with the default music app, appear in the library, but I still am not able to simply play the playlist.I surely can enter that playlist within the library and choose a track from it, but there seems to be no friggin way to have automix use only the tracks of that playlist.
I know, thios is the most simple question, but neither me nor a friend of mine, who has the app on his iPad can find the magic button. So at the end it comes down to the question in the title:
How do I play a playlist?
Thanks for any answers

How about it, did you solve it?

I’m so sorry, but it is not possible to play entire Playlists using djay 2 for Android. Unfortunately, this is not implemented to the Automix feature of djay 2 for Android, yet. Rest assured though, we’ll be working on this.
We kindly ask for your patience in the meantime…

What is the status? How long do you estimate “meantime” to last?

So, it’s been 5 years, got it figured out yet?