How to play Airplay speakers and iMac simultaneously?

My question relates to Airplay on an iMac and the Devices list.

I have several devices and can usually link to them without problems, but selecting any devices then excludes the computer itself. This is unlike in iTunes when selecting from multiple Airplay devices where the computer is one of the outlets that can be selected.

The removal of the computer as an outlet is not to convenient when the devices are in other rooms and you’re having to listen for them to pick up the music.

On another point completely, Airplay does seem to drop out quite a bit, but that might relate to the Apple Airport Extreme network, whereas what I have outlined above is specifically a lack of devices options within deejay.

Any updates on this, it’s very frustrating.

This is currently not supported. I’ll pass this on internally and check whether this can also be added in djay.

This is not supported at the moment.

Yes you can use a programme called airfoil which should solve your problem

I’ve got airfoil on my mac and it allows any music being played on your mac on whatever application to be played through airport and your mac simultaneously and it works for djay too as I have tried it