how to prevent sample rate to always default SR to 44.1kHz?

i can’t justify any reason for this, because it definitely seems intentional: why does djay Pro for Mac always and only defaults sample rate of any audio interface to 44.1kHz, no matter what it’s set at or for, no matter whether it’s idling or processing any audio feed?

besides being there no sensible audio setting with which to include djay Pro in any workflow or production environment (which i find personally questionable, as djay Pro can be at best ONE tool in my toolbox, though surely not THE tool), i find it utterly annoying that any time i launch it, whatever my audio setup’s running, djay Pro just wrecks all audio changing whatever sample rate to 44.1kHz (thus muting the output, when it’s all set to run at a different SR).

the world doesn’t spin at 44.1kHz anymore, at least that of those who choose and make their own music with higher standards than lossy audio formats or home-hobby SR and bit-depth. or, from a different perspective, there are (much) better worlds possible today, and you’ve already paid for them.

is there any workaround to avoid this unpleasant (and hard to justify) behaviour?
any setting within the preference files hidden in the library, away from where kids could mess with them and screw them up badly?

Hey there,

thank you for your feedback. If I am getting this right, you are unable to select another sample rate in the mac “audio midi setup”?

Lukas E.

Hey Tom,

sorry thought you were using djay Pro for Mac as well due to the thread’s category.
So far 44.1kHz is the default value for djay Pro for Windows and is not changeable.

Cheers,Lukas E.

This also comes into play on windows when trying to do recordings, if you use a sound card that is set to 96khz, the recordings come out super slow, the only time they come out properly is if you set the sound card to 44.1khz.

Is there a way to ensure that recordings are done above 44.1khz?

Hi Lukas,

I’m using windows so not sure if that’s a mac only menu?

I can’t find a reference to sample rate anywhere in the settings in the windows app?



Fair enough, it’d be great to support higher sample rates in the future!