How to purchase subscription


I’ve used Djay for some years on my Mac and now on PC. I recently downloaded the latest version of Djay Pro and want to now purchase your subscription, but the Free Trail button is not showing. So how do I upgrade to the subscription? Would appreciate a swift reply as I’m DJing a party this weekend.


Hi @Simon_Spoor,

Please refer to the attached article for purchasing djay Pro on Windows.

Excuse me but @NathanielAlgo posted earlier saying that it wasn’t possible to purchase a sub on the Windows version.

I discovered that if I signed out then Start Free Trail button appeared. So all good. Thanks.

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Great. Thanks for letting me know @Simon_Spoor

We’re excited to share that we are extending our free trial of djay Pro for Windows until the end of March 2024. During that time, you will be able to purchase a PRO subscription to djay on iOS, macOS, or Android and use it on Windows as well in a similar fashion to our other products listed above.

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