How to re-sync

In the previous djay, when you pressed sync more than once, it would re-sync each time. Sometimes, it would not sync correctly, so I could press the sync button until it did. With pro, when you press sync more than once, it just turns it on and off. Am I missing something? Thanks!

I’m having the same issue. I liked the feature with earlier versions where you pressed the sync button to match the BPM. That feature is missing with the djayPro version. HELP!

sometimes (actually pretty often) the songs don’t sync correctly. When I use djay, I sometimes have to hit sync 2-3 times to get a good sync. I am unable to do that with pro

There is no solution to this. I wish i could combine the two versions of this to make a perfect one!

The first click on “Sync” sets both tracks at the same BPM value.
If a track isn’t played, the second click on “Sync” starts the track while beat-matching it.

If all tracks are in “Sync” mode, you can use either one of them to change the BPM. If you click on “Sync” again, so that the “Sync” mode isn’t activated any more, changing the Pitch of this track will only affect this track.