How to record samples in FX pad on Djay Pro for Windows???

Hi, I’m new to Djay. I have Pro on my Win10 laptop and Djay 2 on my iPad.

I was looking to record pieces of a song and assign them to an FX pad. On my iPad it’s seems simple: I edit the pad, select ‘+’ and there I can assign either a pre-defined FX sound or I can pick one of the 2 record keys below in the menu to record from deck 1 or 2.

However, I don’t see the same functionality on my Win10 system. I can only assign pre-defined FX samples. There are no record buttons visible. Same on the Android version.

I can hardly believe that this isn’t possible in the Pro version that cost 4x more than the Djay 2 version. I would imagine that there shouldn’t be a big difference between Mac, Android or Win10…

So, perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

Any ideas?

In addition: I can add a custom sample (mp3, wav, …) when I click the ‘add sample’ button, but I can not record samples from my deck.