How To Remove Music Folders?


In the settings, where you can add music folders, I inadvertently added the entire external hard drive; this appears to have overloaded the programme as it’s now trying to catalogue 187,000 tracks.

This has resulted in constant crashing, hanging and Error Domain messages replacing the entire library.

Please can anyone tell me how to remove a folder from this section - I have searched everywhere on the programme, and in this support section without luck. Fyi, I have uninstalled, cleaned residual files and reinstalled, but the folders are still there.


Hi there,

we are very sorry to hear that. 
Can you please send us the EventViewer crash log following this guide:

That would help us a lot in order to find out the cause of the crash.


Since my last post, I’ve searched for folders/reinstalled/reset, etc, etc, etc.
The situation now is that my local music files list crashes and reports this:

Error Domain=HRESULT Code=2147467259 “(null)”

I’m using Windows 10

I think this program sucks now and I bought that’s the worst part