How to remove slow 'turntable' start for Play button

I was playing with FX mapping for my controller (Stanton DJC.4 with Mac) and somehow both my play/pause buttons have a slow turntable distorted start rather than just instantaneous. It takes about 4 beats to get up to the proper speed from play. I’ve tried deleting and re-mapping the play buttons, as well as turning the FX options on and off though the effect doesn’t seem to want to be removed. Songs play after loading at normal speed, it’s just the play buttons that are the problem (triggered on controller and on software alone). Anyone know what the effect might be called and how to remove?

Did you adjust the star time in the setup menu?

All good. If I remember correctly settings may default when new hardware is connected creating a hardware and software default … again as far as I can remember.

That was it. I can’t remember touching that at all so not sure how it happened. Thanks for your help Deejay Dave!