How to Rescan ID3 Tags?

I just re-edited my ID3 tags using kid3 app on a Mac
Is there an easier way of reflecting these edits in djay?
I am currently going through a very tedious way (click play on each individual track I ever edited tags in in Music App!). Obviously I can’t do that for 1000 songs.
Please help. If not, we change this to a feature request.
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They way I’ve done it is to delete the user data folders in “Files” (on an iPad), unfortunately that wipes out your cues and loops. But there is a workaround for that too. But it is time consuming.

Save all of your tracks as “Linked Files” in Files. That will save your cue points and loops. Once you’ve done all of that, you should be able to re-analyze and should show your new ID3 tag updates.

What really sucks is that after you do all of that, djay still analyzes your music and changes everything that you did if it doesn’t jive with their analysis. It won’t change your “Comments”, but it will change your Initial Key data.

I trust MIK more than I trust djay’s key analyzer.

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Thanks for the suggestion, though i am on a mac. That sounds like a major risk for a trivial issue. Actually this is an entire deletion and re-importation process, isn’t it?
I would have tried, but as I said, I use Music rather than files to manage my djay library. In this case my library is a mirror image of each other across all dj platforms I use (djay, serato, rekordbox, vdj). Don’t ask me why I keep all those apps

When you edit ID3 tags outside of Music, music will not know about these updates. One way to easily update your whole collection is to select all tracks (ie via Cmd-A), then open the Info screen (Cmd-I) and then change a field you know you don’t use or need, like Grouping. I usually put a Space in grouping, let everything update (takes a while) and then remove the space again (not necessary but my OCD is more satisfied this way).


Thanks @djjoejoe!
I was trying the trick earlier and wasn’t working for me initially. Now I know I need to type something in one of those redundant fields!
Works like a charm now.

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