How to save video settings?

Hello, I’m new to the forum and also using the DJPro software, which runs quite well on my iPad and Macbook. Unfortunately, the software loses all video effects and the embedded photo and fonts after closing and opening it again. Only the Luma-crossing will stay. Isn’t there a way to permanently save the video settings? I have the same problem on my iPad and MacbookPro - hardware is new, software also with newest update, and of course with pro account :wink:

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Unfortunately, this is expected behavior due to there being a multitude of use case scenarios for djay Pro AI, and having the application provide you with a fresh template allows for a per-user basis for setting up their video settings as they would like.

However, I encourage you to post this inquiry in the “Suggestions” category so that we may gauge this feature requests interest with upvotes from those in our community!

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So I know that I did not a mistake in handling the software :wink:

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